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Let‘s Glow!

Whether solar or fuel cells, batteries or
other energy systems, there flexible
products are concerned.




As an actively lighting system Glow - Tec®
increases your safety distinctly comparable
to conventional reflectors.

Great flexibility makes Glow-Tec® suitable
for almost every type of equipment.
Jackets, tents or backpacks can be combined
with Glow – Tec®.

Lightweight and slim design allow comfortably
and simple usage of Glow – Tec®.

With Glow –Tec® you can customize
your products smart and innovative.



The active and homogeneous light
of Glow – Tec® systems offer new possibilities
in design and architecture.

In bars, cars or at home Glow – Tec® provides
pleasant and gentle illumination.

The lighting system can be deposited
onto films, paper or textile and is therefore
universally applicable.



As actively illuminating application Glow – Tec®
is especially suitable for security applications
in different rooms and environments.

Whether staircase lighting or orientation signage
in case of an emergency, Glow – Tec®
is an optimal technical solution for such issues.



Large area lighting systems for interior or exterior
can be realized with Glow – Tec®.

Films, papers or textiles are printable
and can be tailored.
The low weight enables the application
on nearly every product.

Glow – Tec® operates in the low current range
and is characterized by very low heating effect.

Glow – Tec® systems can be produced continuously.

Glow-Tec® im Guinness Buch der Rekorde

Glow-Tec® schafft Guinness Welt Rekord auf dem LED professional Symposium, Bregenz

Flexible Light

Glow-Tec® is an electro-luminescent system which can be coated to almost any flexible substrate (film, foils, textile, paper).
The unique production process enables Glow-Tec® materials to be tailored and converted.
This next generation illuminant can be combined with any product.

Glow-Tec® sets design and function in a new light.


Your Advantages:



Flexible, homogenous, large-scale light

Numerous ways of implementation

Active illumination


Low weight

Environmentally sustainable



Technical Solutions

  • 30 – 150 Volt AC
  • 50 – 750 Hz
  • Flexible, but not stretchable
  • No organic solvents
  • No heavy metals
  • Different types of substrates
  • Can be tailored
  • Can be printed on

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