Glowing Drums With Glow-Tec EL Film



InovisCoat presents its glowing drums based on electroluminescence at OE-A competition 2016 (trade fair for organic electronic) in Munich. Three glowing elements demonstrate the outstanding processability of Glow-Tec. The following picture shows the demonstrator.




Every drum is illuminated by a single flexible EL film covering the instrument surface. The special feature is the attachment of the electroluminescent films. For that the Glow-Tec surface was perforated at several dozen points in order to screw it onto the drums corpus. This process must be done when Glow-Tec is switched off. The cut edges have to be isolated. After that the EL film can be used again. Obviously the functions of Glow-Tec remain unchanged. The light is still continuously dimmable.