White glowing Glow-Tec® EL foil



After producing a white lighting textile InovisCoat GmbH reveals a new white EL foil. Comparable to the Glow-Tec® textile the new white foil has a color temperature of approx. 9.000 – 10.000 Kelvin. At this color temperature the lighting has a blue shade. The idea behind it is to simulate with Glow-Tec® large area glowing a perfectly cloud free sky while dark time of the day.


Glow-Tec® EL foils are up to one meter wide and the length is unlimited due to the roll-to-roll manufacturing process. It can be used as an ambient light source inside as well as outside.


When switched off the EL textiles have a white appearance. The white Glow-Tec® foil on the other hand has an apricot nuance when switched off. The foil absorbs less light then the textile. Therefore the Glow-Tec® foils are brighter than the Glow-Tec® textiles.


Both Glow-Tec® products can be easily custom tailored by simply cutting the desired shape from the foil or textile. A custom design can be applied by plotting. Glow-Tec® textiles have a higher flexibility and are less suitable for a plotting. Several pieces of lighting Glow-Tec® textile can be sewn together without any functionality limitation.


The white Glow-Tec® systems can be applied onto customised substrates and are available in various colors. The lighting systems can be insulated from both sides. It is possible to combine Glow-Tec® with colored image films.


Glow-Tec® white switched off



Glow-Tec® white white switched on