ELBTAL PLASTICS GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative and powerful manufacturer of high quality PVC – films. Swimming pool liners in premium quality are part of the wide range of their products. ELBTAL PLASTICS is a market leader in this segment. The company’s philosophy is based on high-tech and customized product development.


ELBTAL and InovisCoat launched a joint project in the development of illuminating swimming pool liners. That is new, because to date the pools are illuminated with dazzling powerful spotlights. Lighting swimming pool liners can replace or support them. The result of the development in the field of luminous swimming pools liners is available only and exclusively for Elbtal and forms the foundation of the partnership between the two companies.


With the new technology it will be possible to illuminate both the entire swimming pool area or just individual sectors. The homogeneous lighting creates the impression that the light comes up directly from the water. Swimmers are not blinded by the light, the lighting stripes can rather be used for them as a guide. Three different colors are available.


Even in the private sector electroluminescent swimming pool liners are suitable for individual design accents. The lighting films can be tailored to nearly any shape.