Glow-Tec Guinness Book World Record

LpS 2016


Glow-Tec® sets a Guinness World Record on the LED professional symposium, Bregenz


InovisCoat GmbH established with Glow-Tec® a Guinness World Record on the 6th LED professional symposium + expo in Bregenz (Austria). The official Guinness judges Ms. Seyda Subasi-Gemici has confirmed the 11,0725 m² EL lamp produced by InovisCoat as the world largest self-illuminating area. The conditions for achieving a world record were:


1) It must be a single surface, not composed of several pieces.

2) Only the active illuminating area was measured.

3) The area had to illuminate for at least 5 minutes.




The parameters were more than fulfilled as all visitors of the LED professional symposium were able to convince themselves. The Glow-Tec® foil spent light all day long in a showroom. Mr. Carlos Lee, General Director of the European Photonics Industry Consortium, praised the world record of InovisCoat GmbH as “the technological innovation of the light industry of recent decades”. About 1,500 lighting experts and over 100 exhibitors attended Europe’s leading lighting conference and exhibition in Bregenz. Professionals from Industry and Research areas including Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Shuji Nakamura discussed the latest findings and pioneering technologies for future business models and applications. The participants of the conference were led through the three-day program towards further future light solutions by the motto “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations”.


InovisCoat GmbH stands as a spin-off from AGFA in the long-lasting tradition of high-tech functional coating. InovisCoat understands itself not as a simple contract coater, but as a highly competent partner for the development of new products or new economical production processes.


Formerly specialized on photographic films and papers, InovisCoat broadened its business activities especially into the nano-technologic fields of optical films (e.g. OLEDs, display technology), pharmacy- or medical technologies (e.g. wound curing, hospital hygiene), security systems (eg. identification, copy protection) as well as energetic systems (e.g. barrier sheets). Here InovisCoat can support its customers through its profound experience as well as its high innovation potential to find always new solutions.