Protection by lighting luminescent clothes clothes – partnership with Laing INNOTECH


Glow-Tec® stands for active light on flexible substrates. Of course, besides the available large area elements (wall coverings, sunshades) there are smaller applications that can be integrated into the textile.


As luminescent material individual elements (e.g. luminescent lettering or luminescent stripes or a stripe pattern) can be worn on the back and/or chest. As a result persons are much better protected in the dark than wearing just reflecting materials. Now the person glows actively and can be perceived better from different points of view as well as from greater distances.


Due to the improved protective effect Glow-Tec® may be used in professional sectors (e.g. police, fire department, rescue and security service) as well as in private sectors (outdoor and sport activities).


To run Glow-Tec® it has to be connected to an electrical current source. This power source integrated in a control gadget for Glow-Tec® elements is realized by Laing INNOTECH.


Laing INNOTECH is a highly competent manufacturer and developer of electronic elements. A newly developed purpose made controller can be worn at the body comfortably. Equipped with powerful rechargeable batteries the controller can provide Glow-Tec® systems with energy over 8 hours continuously. Additional functions permit to dim the light intensity and to operate the lighting systems in various modes (e.g. blinking or continuous mode).


If you have any questions to this development or to other Glow-Tec® applications, please do not hesitate to contact us!