Ambient light and well – being

Close up of a father and daughter playing at home


Clearly artificial light or daylight have important consequences on human health. In particular, our internal clock is affected. The light will influence the human sleep – wake – cycle. Scientists have discovered that the hormone regulation organs have a strong nerve connection to the light sensitive eye. There is no doubt that there is a direct correlation between the human well-being and the light.


Especially blue and green light have a positive effect on the mood and well – being. Blue light awakes us. As a result we may concentrate better and feel generally fitter. Green light has a calming impact on the blood circulation and reduces consequently the stress.


The new trend in interior and exterior design is unobtrusive functional light. Used with right intensity and at the right time it has positive influence on our well – being. The classical spotlight sources will be replaced by large area, more pleasantly illuminating sources integrated into interior or exterior architecture. The light should merge with surfaces and shapes.


Ambient light in office or at home is becoming increasingly important. Discreet and gentle light is beneficial for relaxing or working. Glow – Tec® meets these requirements and is therefore used as large area light source in the interior or exterior design. The light systems can be attached to almost any surface and illuminate these.