White Glow-Tec® light-emitting textile



Glow-Tec® electroluminescent foils are available in different colours: blue, blue-green, green and orange. Our customers can choose not only the colour but also the substrate. Typical substrates are PET-, PVC- or acrylic foils. An exceptional application are the light-emitting textiles. These are translucent synthetic fibres coated with the Glow-Tec® technology. Lighting awnings, curtains or interior linings are some examples.


The InovisCoat company’s latest development are the white light emitting textiles. The white colour is very special. The white light can be realised through emitting of three different spectral ranges at the time: short waves for the blue light, middle waves for the green light and long waves for the red light. Red phosphors are used to create the mentioned long spectral waves of the visible spectrum. As electroluminescent red phosphors are very rare it is a real challenge. InovisCoat found a solution to transfer the short (blue light) and the middle (green light) wave lengths into the long and create the parts of the red light.


The white Glow-Tec® lighting is tuned to the colour temperature of approx. 9 000 – 10 000 Kelvin. This value can be measured under the condition of clear sky. The following pictures show the light-emitting textile at light and in the dark. The textile requires alternating current and can be run with extra low voltage of 48 Volt.


White Glow-Tec light-emitting textile at light



White Glow-Tec light-emitting textile in the dark



The mechanical properties of the textile like the flexibility remain the same. The material might be sewn even. Several textile stripes can be connected to a large light-emitting material Piece.